Business travel is unproductive, say employees

Over a quarter of business travellers say the experience is having a negative impact on their job satisfaction, a YouGov survey commissioned by Concur has found.

This led to over one in five (23 per cent) employees saying that previous negative experiences would prompt them to turn down a new job if it required them to travel frequently. One in twenty would even consider resigning from their current post.

The survey, which questioned 1,000 business travellers, found that increasing hours spent on the road for business was leading to a number of different problems for employees.

Over a half of those surveyed travel for work between one and four times a month, while 22 per cent travel more than five times a month.

The biggest concern for respondents (77 per cent) was that job productivity was difficult to sustain because of the lack of correct work tools such as laptops and adequate internet connection. One in six said that more than half of their time travel was unproductive.

With only 13 per cent saying that travelling for business made them feel 'accomplished', compared to 59 per cent who said they were left feeling unhappy with the experience, Isabel Montesdeoca, general manager at Concur said businesses needed to do more for staff.

"It's important that business leaders take ownership of the travel experience for their staff in order to improve overall employee satisfaction levels and reduce churn," she said.

Elsewhere in the report, one in five (18 per cent) said that 'the stack of receipts and expense reports that needed to be completed' upon return to work was a major issue.

Other issues cited were last minute cancellations, company restrictions on travel and accommodation, finding accommodation during busy periods and not feeling secure with their surroundings whilst travelling.

Montesdeoca added: "We see these issues all the time. In today's always on, always connected environment, companies can do more to improve the productivity and job satisfaction of their staff by equipping them with technology and tools that make them more effective while travelling."